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Do you need a break from a life ruled by technology? 📱💻

Today, many of us are almost married to our little bits of technology. We constantly check our smartphones, are surrounded by interconnected devices at home and spend all day sat in front of a computer at work. We become so immersed that we can often end up stressed out, fatigued, and feel that we’re on a never-ending treadmill. If you want to recharge your batteries and reset your mind and body, a little rewilding in East Yorkshire might help. What is Rewilding?

Rewilding has been used by conservationists for many years to help return the land to a natural state. For example, you might have a concrete base that you dig up and plant trees and flowers on. Councils nowadays are rewilding small parts of towns and cities to become havens for bees and other insects.

In human terms, rewilding is all about getting back in touch with pure nature and stepping away from the tech and high stresses that come with frantic modern life. If you plan to book a holiday and want to relax, adding a little rewilding to your itinerary is a good idea.

And there’s no better place to rewild than East Yorkshire.

Great Ways to Rewild in the East Yorkshire...

East yorkshire has an amazing coastline, scenery and fresh air, is a popular holiday destination. Whether you want to go on a hike or take a gentle stroll around a lake, nature and the perfect rewilding experience are just outside your door.

  • Get outdoors: The easiest way to rewild is to put on a pair of hiking boots and get yourself outside into the country. Whatever your level of fitness, there are walks and trails of all shapes and sizes that get you back in touch with nature.

  • Visit a garden: There are some brilliant stately homes with beautiful gardens that you can also get lost in, including Burton Constable Hall and Sledmere House.

  • Do a Little Learning: If you don’t know what that tree is or that plant is you just walked past? Then use this time to learn their names and educate yourself. Going on a local nature trail it is a great way to get the kids involved too.

  • Recentre Yourself: Think about the things that make you happy and which aren’t technology related. Perhaps you love dancing, or you want to pick up your old hobby of watercolour painting. We suggest you make a list of things you want to do on holiday whether it’s sticking your toes in the sand at a nearby beach or doing a yoga class.

  • Enjoy the seasons: When it comes to rewilding, each season has something different to offer and it’s also a good idea to bear this in mind when picking your holiday time. East Yorkshire is pretty busy during the Spring and Summer. But it also looks fabulous during the Autumn and Winter.

Book a Yorkshire Cottage Holiday

One thing you’ll need to do when planning a rewilding holiday is where you’re going to be based. Ideally, you should book a east yorkshire cottagethat gives you the peace and space that you are looking for

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